A downloadable game for Windows

Wan Yama is a prototype for testing an idea of a lightweight turn-based strategy game.

As a newly hired operator for Geno Corp, your job is to operate creatures in an artificial environment to gather important research data.
You must hunt, fight, eat and drink in order to grow strong enough to reach the top of the food chain.

Wan Yama is only a very raw prototype for a university project displaying a few core mechanics. There is no win condition and only one creature to play.
You need Windows and a 1920 x 1080 resolution monitor as well as a mouse and keyboard.
Inspired by the BBC - Walking With Dinosaurs - Big Al Game.

*This is the official page for this title. Anywhere else where this title appears to be available is unofficial and I cannot guarantee that it is safe to download*.

Install instructions

  • Simply download and run the exe to play.
  • You need Windows and a 1920 x 1080 resolution monitor as well as a mouse and keyboard.


Wan Yama v6.4.exe 16 MB


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I can't save the game. :(

Oh my goodness. like it's been said before, love the fact how it's reminiscent of the Big Al game. I was so heart broken when BBC took that game off of their site. I enjoyed playing this. It had elements of the game it was inspired by and yet had something new to offer. I think it could use some sort of saving system ( for some reason it seems to crash the longer I play it), and a bit of adjustment of the clicking precision ( i had to move my mouse a bit off from the target in order to select an action but it wasn't anything I couldn't work around). Thank you so much for making this, absolutely wonderful. Thanks for letting me feel like my five year old self that was in love with prehistory. :D  

I used to love the Big Al game, when I was a kid, and immediately thought of it when I saw this - thrilled to see it actually was an inspiration, and so psyched to play! :D

Hi onotomatopea!
Glad to hear that I'm not the only one who is fond of the Big Al game. It was the primary inspiration for this project, and I hope you will enjoy playing this prototype. Messages like yours help inspire me to one day develop and release a fully fledged game in this genre. Thanks!

I hope this actually becomes a full game, probably wont be, but hey! I can hope

Hi Joe,
I'm sorry to somewhat shoot down your hopes. Wan Yama will not become a full game in a near future.
Wan Yama is a game prototype that I developed during a game development/business course at university years back.

I am still fond of the idea of some day working it into a full (yet small) game that can be run in a browser, but I have a bunch of other projects that I need to prioritize at the moment. When the right time presents itself, I may pick this up again.

Thank you for your kind message. 
All the best,

Needs a save feature badly. The one time I did play it I got to where I could kill allosaurus easily, but closed the game with a stupid button my laptop has. I haven't had the patience to get back there so I just undownloaded it.

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Hi ChuffWuffo,

I am sorry to hear that.

Wan Yama was a prototype developed as a part of a project back when I studied game design at university and it has a series of issues that I never came around to fix.
I understand how frustrating that must be, but I hope you at least enjoyed your time with the game up until that point.
Although it has been a long time since I worked on this game I hear your feedback. Once I find the time (and the work file) I will implement a save feature as the first thing.

Thank you. I appreciate your feedback.

Love the graphics and feel of this!


Hi Iwan. Thank you for creating a video on my prototype. It was very interesting and entertaining for me to watch. I got a lot of feedback to think about from your video. The game definitely needs to explain the meaning of the different statistics. I had a good laugh at your confrontations with the brave goats. Perhaps the enemies should be more intelligent in their behavior. Thank you for playing. I appreciate it. Keep up the good work on your channel.

I'm having trouble getting the game to work...It loads and it takes me to the main screen, but I can't click anything and the only key that works is escape. got a troubleshooter or anything? It looks really nice and I loved the Big Al game and was hoping to enjoy this one

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Hi. Can you take a screenshot at the point where you are having trouble? Keep in mind the prototype was made exclusively for Windows PC at 1920x1080 (1080p) resolution. I will look into it one of the coming days. Thanks in advance!

I played the Big Al Game a lot as a kid and so was drawn to your game

Glad to hear I am not the only one who enjoyed that game.