A downloadable game for Windows

Darkness is coming and the disciples must purge evil from the land!

Purge the cysts of evil.
Cleanse thy soul.
Accept thy blessings.
Divide thy flesh and conquer corruption.

Use your disciples to trample the cysts. But be careful; You will need cleansing after each cyst you purge. When cleansed, you may become blessed and receive the power to be divided!

  • Created in under 48 hours for the Global Game Jam 2016 at ITU Copenhagen using Game Maker Studio, Photoshop CS5 and FL Studio 11.

  • Controller vibrations is a central part of the experience. Please use a XBOX360 controller for Windows or similar.

  • Use Controller Left Analog Stick, or keyboard arrow keys.


Purge The Land.exe 5 MB

Install instructions

  • Simply run the exe file on a modern Windows system to play.


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its really hard to play but its still good.